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1800x Dynamic overclocking

Question asked by suryakaran on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by _blackbishop_

At stock my processor is not going above 3.7Ghz under full load.
I have overclocked CPU and Ram to 4Ghz & 2666Mhz (stable) (good performance) but do not want my system to run 24/7 at high speeds.
Even tried 4.1Ghz (stable). Temps under full load never exceeded 70°C
Is dynamic overclocking possible? If yes than how far can I go and what setting to do?
I do video editing and animation so require higher speeds only while doing render and previews.


PS: I am not worried about heating as along with Master Liquid 240 I have a big AC to cool my tiny editing bay and ambient temps can drop to 8°C (in summer, never checked in winters).

Cooler Master Master Liquid 240
Gigabyte Gaming AX370 K5
Ripjaws V 16G x2
Sapphire RX 580 8GB Nitro+
SMPS - Cooler Master GX750
OS & Software - Kingston SSD 240GB SATA

Projects -  Samsung 960 EVO - 250GB PCIe NVMe - M.2

Storage - 3x 1TB HHD