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Eye-infinity not giving 5760x1080 resolution option on three 4K displays?

Question asked by travis.sichel on Oct 12, 2017

Recently setup three 4K displays running Eye-infinity. However I just need each display to show 1920x1080, which works as normal multiple screens without Eye-infinity.
However as soon as I setup Eye-infinity it joins the displays as one and puts them back to their maximum resolution of 4K, and there is no 5760x1080 resolution option in windows display settings. Can this option be created?


The store owner bought the wrong screens, as 4K per screen is not supported well with the video-wall advertising software.
One screen does appear to be running at "4K 4096px" the other two at "QHD 3840px" I thought this may be causing the issue, but I see no reason why their should not be a work around.


Thank you for any help!

Equipment used



Digital signage player iBase SI-304

Robust 4x 4K Digital Signage Player - SI-304


The 3 Screens are NEC MultiSync P403
MultiSync 40-inch Large Format Display: P403 - Overview: Professional | NEC