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    RX 550 / Linux driver / improvement / frame rate & portability




      Will there be any improvement in the amdgpu-pro driver regarding (B) frame rate and (A) portability?



      I have not found a sufficiently easy way to install 17.30 on Manjaro Linux;

      and I would prefer to stick to Manjaro, because: I like rolling releases.



      On my box (A10-5800K & RX 550 2GiB) I found, that in SecondLife (Phoenix_FirestormOS-Releasex64_x86_64_5.0.7.52912)

      frame rate
      1. fglrx on Archlinux with kernel4.13&Xorg1.19 i get 35(11)fps in a certain scene(in brackets: the frame rate with "Advanced Lighting Model" (ALM);
      2. amdgpu&RX550 on Manjaro with kernel4.13&Xorg1.19 i get 41fps in that scene(amdgpu cannot do ALM for things that are more than 1m away);
      3. amdgpu-pro17.10&RX550 on Manjaro with kernel4.9&Xorg1.18 i get 10(5)fps in that scene;
      4. amdgpu-pro17.30&RX550 on Ubuntu16.04.3 i get 52(34)fps in that scene.

      It seems like 17.30 on RX550 is only 3 times faster than fglrx on HD7660D...

      I expected a factor of 4.5: PassMark - Video Card Performance Comparison

      Is there still some headroom for improvement?

      Or will amdgpu-pro never be faster (e. g.: 60(49)fps) than 52(34)fps in that scene running on the RX550?






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          Hey Riddic,


          There are actually quite a few factors that fall into GPU, fps and the pieces.


          I have found that running Gnome and amdgpu will provide the best FPS.

          Running amdgpu-pro and the RX 550 and getting 52 fps is really good and shows heavy improvement. The Linux side of things is certainly not there biggest concern and we will always be a second thought when it comes to this.


          There is certainly more room for improvement and always will be. What needs to happen is us folks that use linux is visibility. As a community we need to be visible and loud (IN A GOOD WAY)