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RX 550 / Linux driver / improvement / frame rate & portability

Question asked by riddic on Oct 11, 2017
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Will there be any improvement in the amdgpu-pro driver regarding (B) frame rate and (A) portability?



I have not found a sufficiently easy way to install 17.30 on Manjaro Linux;

and I would prefer to stick to Manjaro, because: I like rolling releases.



On my box (A10-5800K & RX 550 2GiB) I found, that in SecondLife (Phoenix_FirestormOS-Releasex64_x86_64_5.0.7.52912)

frame rate
1. fglrx on Archlinux with kernel4.13&Xorg1.19 i get 35(11)fps in a certain scene(in brackets: the frame rate with "Advanced Lighting Model" (ALM);
2. amdgpu&RX550 on Manjaro with kernel4.13&Xorg1.19 i get 41fps in that scene(amdgpu cannot do ALM for things that are more than 1m away);
3. amdgpu-pro17.10&RX550 on Manjaro with kernel4.9&Xorg1.18 i get 10(5)fps in that scene;
4. amdgpu-pro17.30&RX550 on Ubuntu16.04.3 i get 52(34)fps in that scene.

It seems like 17.30 on RX550 is only 3 times faster than fglrx on HD7660D...

I expected a factor of 4.5: PassMark - Video Card Performance Comparison

Is there still some headroom for improvement?

Or will amdgpu-pro never be faster (e. g.: 60(49)fps) than 52(34)fps in that scene running on the RX550?