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How to rotate the upper displays in a 3x2 multimonitor setup with eyefinity?

Question asked by batistein on Oct 11, 2017


I have a problem with the configuration in eyefinity. I have 6 Monitors (Aoc I2490VQ/BT) and the Sapphire GPRO 6200 (6xdisplayport). I have 3 displays in the lower part and 3 other displays in the upper part, the upper displays are turned upside down. The problem is now that I want to group the displays to one, to see films in Fullscreen. With the windows configuration it's only possible to get the fullscreen on one display.... So I tryed to configure with eyefinity but there I cant't find an option to rotate the upper part as in the windows configuration.... Is this possible? Or is there any other software like Eyefinity to group the monitors and do some brezel corrections? I also have tried to use the old driver catalyst but there I can not see this option too... Also I tried to rotate the screen with the Monitor OSD, but there is no option for that.


Now I'm a little helpless...