My Rx Vega Liquid is freezing the PC for max 1 Sec

Discussion created by goriel on Oct 11, 2017


Iam posting here because i have the problem that my whole PC is freezing for less than 1 second all the time in unregular time periods.

First i saw the problems ingame by playing games and thought something other is wrong, after that i noticed it while watching series. My frames are dropping really low and i lagg like hell for a moment and in the next moment everything is fine aggain like nothing happens. Its like the whole PC is stopping for that little moment.

So why do i think the vega is the problem?


A friend told me to try another card, the only one i have is a GTX 1060 becouse the RX 580 was sold out that period i had to buy one. I also changed both cards and with the 1060 everyting is fine and i have no Problems at all.

Can anyone help me what to do ? Is this a known problem, or is the card damaged ? Maybe there is something else i could do?


Thanks everyone for listen and trying to help me,




PC Specifications:


Ryzen 7 1800x

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme

16 GB Ram G.Skill Flare X

760 Watt Seasonic Platinum Modular 80+ Platinum