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Vega64 RX low FPS

Question asked by bartdierickx on Oct 11, 2017
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I have issues with my RX Vega. I game on 1080p and expected 60fps at least for most games. But this is far from what I am getting. Rise of the tomb raider is giving me around 30 fps with everything on highest setting FXAA vsync triple buffer. Deus Ex mankind gives me around the same performance as RotTR everything on highest setting MSAA x 4 triple buffer. Dragon age Inquisition results in 50fps everything maxed out MSAAx4.



I also switched off the vsync in game and turned on the enhanced vsync in the crimson drivers, my framerate is higher but still below 60fps.



Are these normal results @ 1920x1080? My CPU isn't the best (i5 4590) but I don't expect it to bottleneck my vega at these low frame rates.