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Availability GPUs in CE

Question asked by jakeshi on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by jakeshi

Hi to all members od Red Team! Firstly, this thread is mix of my thoughts, that I have all the day today.

In my computer, my graphics card have failed (Yes, It was Radeon R270X from Sapphire). I decided to buy new graphics card, and of course I want to buy Radeon. But there is a problem, that I want to discuss with others. Here in the Czech Republic, it's quite impossible to buy new Radeon GPU, because in most IT stores are mid-range cards unavailable. Yes, you can buy RX550 or RX560, but if you want to buy RX570 or RX580 models, it is nonsense. The same situation is with RX470/RX480 models. Is this situation only here in Central Europe, or it is a worldwide problem? It is caused by demand of Radeon GPUs for cryptocurrency mining? Thanks for you thoughts and replies.