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After updating to last software, my mouse started to lag in games and on dektop

Question asked by junfer on Oct 10, 2017
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I bought HP laptop 2 years ago and after installing windows i went to install video drivers. I have AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 and R5 M330 and currently im using amd-catalyst-15.11.1beta-64bit-win10 driver because it's working normally. After couple of tries updating it to latest software during these 2 years im always turning back to old driver because it works normally. I cant use any other driver update except already mentioned one, tried with auto detect option from driver download site but still installing latest one and it keeps lagging.  After installing Crimson or AMD Radeon Software my mouse start to lag on desktop and games as well. Tried different mouse but still happening same thing. Im using Windows 10 x64 Pro. I tried to change some settings for GPU but nothing happend. Mouse was still lagging. Any solutions? I would be really thankfull.


Greetings, Junfer Music.