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    My Amd card no longer detected in Device Manager !!


      I have a big problem with my Amd graphics card.


      After I formatted my pc, my graphics card "Amd" disappeared completely and I can't found it in the device manager, and now I use "Intel".


      I have downloaded all the drivers of Amd and I can't install any of its drivers, always the same error that appears:


      "AMD Setup can not continue because no AMD graphics hardware has been detected".




      "No eligible components are found to install"


      I also change from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1, same problem.


      I also checked in safe mode I find nothing.


      Here are the characteristics of my PC under Windows 8.1 pro:


      -Toshiba L50-B PSKTGE , Core i7.

      -Intel (R) HD Graphics 5500.

      -Amd Radeon R7 m260.


      Please help me because I am stuck and I find no solution.



      PS: Before formatting my PC, my graphics card works correctly, as soon as I formatted it disappeared.


      Thank you.