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Can someone please tell me whether this Task Scheduler entry for my Radeon settings panel is correct?

Question asked by dec on Oct 10, 2017
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My system, R9 390, Asus z87 mobo, i7 4790, 1 SSD, 4 HDD's 750 w PSU.

I'm running Win 10 Pro 64 bit (build 15063.632) Currently I have installed Radeon Software Version 17.1.1 but no matter which Radeon Software Graphics Driver I install (up to 17.9.3), it creates a Task Scheduler entry as follows with a (0x1) code on Run Result:


Screenshot _Task Scheduler_ Start CN Defautl install entry Radeon 17.1.1 with 0x1_marked.jpg


Can someone who has the Radeon software installed, please tell me whether this entry looks correct?