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    black screen problem when installing drivers!!!


      I have a video card (AMD XFX R7750). I was using the computer and simply the screen went black (I was watching videos on youtube), I waited for a while, about 10 minutes and the screen remained black, so I tried to restart the compute, it started loading the windows and when the screen finished it was still black. After a few times I reboot it went to the auto repair, I tried all options and nothing worked, I decided to format, when I finish formatting it called normally, so it was time to install the drivers for my video card and play my games as always, but when the videos were updated the screen became black, I was already getting desperate, I entered the security mode and used the DDU to I did the process of trying to install the video drivers several times and always the screen was black, I tried to format varies. Sometimes I use multiple installers of different drivers, but nothing worked. Now I'm here as the last alternative solution, please help me with this problem !!!!!! (I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator, a thousand excuses There are many things wrong xD)

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          Could you solve it? I am having exactly the same problem.

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            OK, I'll describe what happened to me which is very similar to what happened to zardakus.

            I started the computer, launch my game (MWO:Mercs) and after about 20 min of play the computer completely froze, no keyboard or mouse response. I had to make a hard reset. Windows started normally, launch the same game again. This time, after 5 min the screen flicked came back with very low color resolution and then black screen. Made another hard reset but after the windows loading screen it goes to a black screen, and some times it goes to the login screen and then goes black after some seconds.

            I booted at safe mode which solve the problem, uninstalled all gpu drivers. Windows worked fine without the gpu drivers but as soon I reinstalled then again the screen goes black. I made several tries, formatted HD and installed fresh copy of windows but once I installed the driver again the screen goes black. This happened some day after I installed new Radeon drivers.


            Operating system Windows 10 Pro

            OS language Portuguese

            Processor AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz

            Memory8 GB

            DirectX Version DirectX 12

            Graphic card name AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

            Graphic card manufacturer To be filled by O.E.M.

            Graphic card chip type AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6819)

            Graphic card memory2 GB

            Driver Installed Crimson ReLive Edition 17.11.4

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              I have exactly the same problem as you. Have you solved it somehow? I tried almost everything. I even took the GPU card from my computer and put it in friend`s PC. As soon as the Windows (10) downloaded and installed drivers the screen went black. So it can`t be MB or PSU problem. Of course it does work with Windows Basic Drivers or how is it called. After replacing my GPU with his it worked fine (btw he has GTX 1070). I installed Win8.1 and tried to install drivers and always the same result. BUT if i switch to integrated R7 GPU and intall the newest drivers the screen goes black too. The only thing that works is installing old Catalyst drivers on the integrated GPU. Please if someone has solved this some other way than one guy who had literally baked his GPU in oven before it has started working as i read in other discussion, let me know.




              Win10 64-bit
              APU A10 7850K with R7 graphics
              MSI Radeon R9 270X HAWK 2GB GDDR5

              MSI A88X-G43 Motherboard

              Fortron 750W PSU
              Kingston 2x4GB DualChannel 1600MHz RAM