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Possible Bug: AMD CRIMSON Install CRASH with FRESH Window 10 Creator X64

Question asked by jayjack on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by tigertiger

Possible Bug Crash:


Formatted drive with brand New install of Window 10 creator x64. Updated with all Windows updates.


Tried running AMD Installer Crimson 17.9.3 x64. During installation, screen turns black and turns on and proceed. Near the end of installation(progress bar(the grey/white bar) the mouse froze along with the entire screen. Left it like that for 30 mins. Still froze. Tried earlier version of Crimson-still froze.


No antivirus. Just window defenders which i temporary disable.


Tried using AMD Uninstaller-froze the entire computer almost immediately.


Tried Using DDU latest version, it manages to uninstall. It even said uninstall complete and then froze a couple sec later.


Try to reinstall AMD Crimson-still froze the same way(near the end of installation).


Looked at eventviewer, no logging of the problem due to complete freeze.


-Ran MSI KOMBUSTER. GPU runs fine. Ran MEMORY CHECK-ALL perfect. Ran chkdsk with /R /F --everything is okay. ran sfc/ scannow and dism -all okay.


Could this be a possible bug of windows 10 creator x64 with AMD driver?


Is it possible to know what is causing the complete freezing?


Spec: GPU is XFX 7950 Black Edition. Not overclocked.


Intel 7 4790k.

24 DDR3 RAM.

Windows 10 Creator x64