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CSGO lags & stutters & paladins drops to 15-20 fps

Question asked by agenthaha on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by benman2785

current driver:17.9.3 crimson relive

Guys, I'm really frustrated now...I only play this 2 games..& gfx requirements are very low...I have an R5 M330 + i5 windows 10 both games are stuttering & deathmatch( csgo) it stutters more...paladins is in beta...ok I get it..but that game is nearly perfect & csgo is fully completed game (5 years old!!!!!!)...both games should run perfectly on high settings yet I don't use high settings for csgo ( only global shadow quality set to high everything else to low). Paladins ( everything set to max just turning off vsync) gives 40-60 fps on i3 4005u+ Nvidia 820m & r5 m330 is greater than or equal to 820m should at least give me same performance by specification...but it lags & stutters giving only 10-20 fps..even I change the gfx settings..I have done formatting the whole pc or trying windows 8.1 (7 doesn't work correctly on my lapy) is still the same..


NOW YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND  FRUSTRATION LEVEL!!! at least I expect csgo to run at 70 fps on the old maps before hydra operation? :/

I want this to be highlighted so amd can improve performance for their drivers because at some point I really did get good fps.I just can't remember what was the driver version that time.