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FPS lag every like 10 second but no frames dropped - R7 200

Question asked by onenabled on Oct 8, 2017


Heres the problem.


Recently when i play games i experience lag but the fps dont drop.

The problem is happening like every 10 second and lasts for like 5 seconds.


For example.

If i play a low graphic game like Roblox it still happends.



Yeee - YouTube



0:15 Second you can barely see it on the recording but its way worse ingame.

And as you see the fps is on 60.


It's the same on all games I've tried.


I've tried lower my settings to minimum, Priority the process, Removed dust from my computer & Changed around settings on my card.


The CPU is fine when i play. No big difference when i lag or not.


I have a AMD R7 200.


This problem has been happining for about 2 months now and I'm getting really mad over It.



Does anyone have an idea why this is happining and know how to fix it?



Windows 10


AMD R7 200


4GB Ram (I know it's not much)