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Radeon Settings is closing out in Windows 10 and I'm not sure if it is running correctly from Task Scheduler

Question asked by dec on Oct 8, 2017

My system:

XFX R9 390

ASUS Z87 Plus mobo

i7 4790

32 GB DDR3

2 BenQ 27” 1080p mon’s


All stock no OC’s

Win 10 Pro on an 850 EVO SSD

4 x 7200rpm HDD’s


I’m running the latest Win 10 Pro 64 bit v 1703 (15063.632) with all updates to date. I just reinstalled Windows yesterday to try and resolve the following problem that still persists.

  For the R9 390  I’m running the latest Radeon Software v 17.9.3.

Because I’m having a hard time diagnosing what is going on I am posting this here, as I don’t know if this is being caused by the AMD drivers themselves, or a WIndows 10 or something else.

The problem:

About a week back my AMD Radeon settings kept closing for no obvious reason that I could see, and I couldn’t correlate it to anything I was doing. I would check Windows system tray and the settings panel icon would have just disappeared from the system tray. I could re-open Radeon Settings manually and it would then run parked in Taskbar – not system tray.


I uninstalled Radeon settings using Display Driver Uninstaller, and reinstalled it. I tried that a couple times and that made no difference.

I reinstalled Win 10 yesterday – I secure erased then reformatted the SSD with parted magic, then did a fresh UEFI install from an ISO I got directly from MS support. I installed on USB using Rufus.


When I was trying to diagnose this today I looked at Win 10 Task Scheduler and this is what has me wondering whether this is being caused by Windows or the Radeon panel itself, or something else.

The Radeon settings entry is listed in Task Scheduler as “Start CN”. This first screenshot shows the “Start CN” entry immediately after being installed but before rebooting the system, as it prompts to reboot after installing. There are some things I’ve noted here that I’m just not clear about. Like why the entry Author is an unknown WORKGROUP\DESKTOP-xxxxxxxx and why the creation date is back in 2016.


Screenshot Task Scheduler StartCN entry Driver 17.9.3_Directly after Install_Before Restart_ Oct 7 2017.jpg


This next screenshot shows the Radeon “Start CN” entry after restarting the system, after the installation. It runs on restart but will again just close out at some point in my Windows session. I’m not sure what code (0x1) is and if that is an error code or not?? And again, the author and creation date are mysteries to me.


Screenshot Task Scheduler StartCN entry Driver 17.9.3_Directly after 1st Restart_ Oct 7 2017.jpg


I’m not sure what is causing the Radeon settings panel to close and if I'm even troubleshooting in the right direction.

I also ran Scannow and Windows DISM (Windows Deployment Image Servicing) and both showed no errors.