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    HD7870XT BSOD When Updating To Recent Drivers


      Hello. I have a problem . My video-card is GV-R787OC-2GD . Last drivers posted on gigabyte website 5 years ago, now i need new drivers, but i cant find it. When i download it from amd for hd 7800 series it doesnt work. After installing i cant use my pc, i just have blackscreen driver trying to restart then pc reboot. Solve is only safemode and install old driver. Help me pls.


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          Can't help without proper information..please supply > INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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              • AMD Graphics Card
                • GV-R787OC-2GD
              • Desktop or Laptop System
                • Desktop
              • Operating System
                • Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed
                • 8.982 amd driver
              • Display Devices
                • Samsung SyncMaster 214T, 1600x1200 60hz , DVI
              • Motherboard + Bios Revision
                • GA-Z77-DS3H + UEFI 2.7
              • CPU/APU
                • i5-3470 @ 3.20hz
              • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
              • 600W ATX 2.03 Codegen

              • RAM
                • 8gb
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                  Thanks for reporting back, did you try the tips I mentioned in my post?  How did it go?  I will try to research this more for you in a bit.  Sorry I can't respond just  this moment...



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                      Thx for ur answers. I used both ways to solve the problem but it doesnt help. I deleted old drivers by using "clean install amd graphics drivers" guide. I ve used auto win10 updater and driver from this website. If i use driver from this site: Starting installing-> HDMI audio installing-> video driver installing -> BSOD -> reboot -> BSOD. Same with win10 autoupdater ;/

                      Funny thing 2012year drivers works fine


                      atikmpagsys error windows 10.jpg

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                          Is your system in a workable way right now?  Thanks for sending that picture, that is exactly what I needed to see.  .


                          Are you familiar with the Registry at all?  There are some changes to the Graphics subsystem in relation to TDR timings that may have problems, or been corrupted, if the timings are set too low or corrupted, then during the installation when the GPU goes "offline" for a second while the drivers begin to swap from the MSBDR driver to the AMD driver, the computer may interpret that as a GPU failure, but if that happens during a driver install, then a STOP would be issued as in your case as it would be interpreted as a major issue and more than likely it is failing at a time when there is no error return within the installer for something like this.


                          Let me know if you are familiar with the Registry Editor at all, there is a branch or two or actually a whole branch I'd want for you to export so I can look at the parameters, then I could make the necessary fixes and send it back to you for easy import into your system.


                          Of course the usual disclaimer applies: when working with the registry you are doing so at your sole discretion and liability, I nor AMD are responsible for any issues arising from your use of the Registry Editor, any Registry Editor Imports/Exports, Modifications, Etc.   If you are not comfortable working in the registry, it is advised you have a savvy friend or colleague assist you with that portion of the troubleshooting.  If you are adventurous, then rock on!  But you do so at your own risk.  Registry editing errors or mistakes can lead to instability, crashes, and even total system failure requiring reinstallation of windows.


                          Anyway, I believe there might be a problem in the "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers" branch of your registry.  So that is the key I'm interested in looking at if you decide to export it.


                          Cheers!  Hope to hear back soon!



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                              https://ufile.io/y7o51 here is my registry branch. sorry i cant find how to upload on this site

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                                  Thanks!  I'm a little tired right this moment, so I'll try to get to this when I wake up.  I've been working on a crazy project and haven't really slept in a couple days, so I can't promise that I'll be up and at it in a few hours lol...  But thanks for getting this together. hopefully we'll get this solved...



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                                        So thanks for sending that over and being patient with me getting back to you.  I've attached a registry file for you to import into your registry, it will add keys that might help prevent your TDR scenario, I've enhanced the timing intervals to allow the system more time before faulting and more fails before causing a crash.  Also I added a key that will force enumeration of the topology in the event of a TDR event before recovery.  With these keys you shouldn't get the BSOD rather it should CTD or Crash To Desktop after a brief period of a stuck or blank display during a TDR event.  Since you had no TDR returns or exits specified your failures resulted in a direct to BSOD situation, my hope is that these keys will alleviate that from occurring and they might possibly rectify the issue with the installer not working properly, or at least get us farther in the process to find out what the issue is.


                                        In addition, can you please report back how many displays you are currently using, it looks like just the single 1600x1200 monitor physically connected, but there are some simulated entries in there as well as other displays that were smaller.  While it's not too messy, it might be worth cleaning up, if we can get past this driver installation problem but you exhibit some strange desktop/display issues (display incorrectly identified as other or prior display, can't set the right size, etc.) otherwise we can just leave it, there really wasn't anything very conflicting in there.  If you don't mind I'd like you to extract another branch for me so I can correlate the entries, just as a matter of study, however if I find anything to fix I'll let you know. 

                                        That branch would be: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\DISPLAY


                                        Steps To Import Entries & Commit Changes:


                                        Disclaimer: "As previously mentioned, any work you do editing or modifying the registry is your sole responsibility, neither myself nor AMD are responsible for any issues or damages that occur from the modification of your registry, you are doing this at your own risk.  It is always a good idea to have a backup of your registry, a recent system restore point (which would contain such a backup), and in extreme cases a full system backup can all be handy.  The registry import file attached is included as a convenience to you and I nor AMD make any guarantees towards it's efficacy or ability to solve your issue.  As an added convenience, should you need to remove the entries or wish to "reverse" reverse the changes, I've also included a reversal file, labeled "Reversal".



                                        1. Start by downloading the attached ZIP file, which includes both an "Import" file, for importing the entries INTO your registry, as well as a "Reversal" file for the REMOVAL of those imported entries should you need to remove them to return your system to its prior state.

                                        2. Unpack the ZIP file, then open the unpacked folder.

                                        3. Double-Click the "Import" labeled file, you will be presented with a dialog box requesting your acknowledgment of the impending importation.

                                        4. After reviewing the information, Click "Yes".  Immediately after clicking "Yes" you should be prompted with a window that will state the Registry Import Was Successful!  If it fails for some reason, note any error message and report back.

                                        5. Reboot your PC

                                        6. Using the 17.7.2 Driver package downloaded from AMD.com, which can be found here: Desktop , begin the setup procedure.  (you should download this before you do all of this)

                                        7.  Select the appropriate driver package for install, then choose "Custom Install", Leave all items checked as they are and click on the button that is labeled "Clean Install" if present, if it is not present then simply click on "Install".

                                        8.  Installation should proceed as normal and work, if not, please report back what happened, including any error codes or screens if they are different then what you have typically been seeing.

                                        9.  Should you find yourself needing to remove the entries that you imported, which you should ONLY do if you can no longer boot into windows otherwise leaving the entries should not pose any issues even if we are unable to solve the problem at hand with the imported entries; you can use the file labeled "Reversal" to remove the changes made.  Simply double click it like you did for the import file, and hit "Yes".  You can also use this from Safe Mode if necessary or through a command prompt if Safe Mode is not accessible by using the following command at a console command prompt exactly as shown with the quotes: 

                                        reg import "GD_Branch_TDR (REMOVAL).reg"


                                        I'm hoping this solves the issue or at least allows the installer to proceed without a bug check or thrown exception so we might have more insight into what is causing the problem...


                                        Good Luck!



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                              These are the latest drivers for your card....however, there are reported issues with them and I would suggest the 17.7.2 version instead. Always the full version, never the 'minimal setup'. > Desktop

                              Use the clean install method > Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

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                            Hi Blackdream,


                            As mentioned above, we need more information to properly assist you, please follow the guide whenever you need help as it helps us get you running faster and avoids confusion from the start.


                            In your case with the HD7800 series, you may just want to let windows update the driver itself, this is particularly true in some cases depending on your hardware configuration (which is why we need more information), especially if you want to upgrade to later drivers.  In some cases you have to let windows update bring it's version current, then you can install a new package such as 17.9.3 or the WHQL 17.7.2 drivers.You should uninstall your AMD drivers and stop trying to manually install until the system is running in Normal mode and not safe mode. 


                            Open the AMD Driver setup file you have and select "Uninstall".  Once that is complete you should be on the Microsoft Basic Display Renderer and have basic display capabilities in Normal mode without having to use Safe Mode.


                            Check "Device Installation Settings" and ensure it is set to YES/Enabled.  Do this by pressing the windows key, then typing "device installation settings" (without the quotes), you will see an option appear at the top with an icon that will say Device Installation Settings, click it to open it, and select Yes/Enabled.


                            Wait a few minutes, you should see the display start to go in and out, that is windows installing the drivers.  If you do not see any activity within a couple minutes, go to Settings-->Update/Security-->Windows Update--> Check For Updates (click it).  You should see the driver package downloading if it isn't already downloading or saying that it is installing.  If not, wait a couple minutes and click again.


                            Once this has finished, your graphics drivers will be up to date with whatever Windows considers to be the best fit and version for your device at this time.  I would not recommend you update beyond this set of drivers as the current 17.7.2+ has some minor issues that may cause undesired effects at this time for you.


                            If that works then great, in the meantime before you start that journey, please do post the information as requested by Kingfish, so we can better assist you, the link is at the top of my reply for what we need.  Thanks!  Let us know if your problem gets fixed.



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                              Go find DDU and clean up all old video drivers and then try the 17.x ones and see if they work ok