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    Which Ryzen CPU Should I Use?




      Im going to make a second gaming rig. I was debating on getting the i7 8700k. But since I will be (casually) streaming, I am not sure if I should take the i7 or the ryzen. ( I know im on a ryzen forum lol.. )


      Which Ryzen cpu should I take?


      Here is my rig so far;


      NZXT Noctis 450 ROG edition

      Intel i7 8700k 6 cores @ 4.8 GHz/ ryzen?

      NXZT kraken x62

      MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon

      MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11 GB

      G-Skill Trident Z RGB Memory @ 3000 Mhz

      16GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB

      Corsair HX1000 V2 80+ platinum

      1TB HDD

      500GB crucial SSD.


      So lets say.. If I have a stream day off.. the Ryzen isnt the best cpu for gaming right? But for streaming, you can stream any games maxed out? with okay FPS? Its so confusing lol


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          The first thing you need to do is price out two systems, one an i7-8700k, one a Ryzen 1700X (as you will be overclocking and all Ryzen processors hit the same 4ghz zone, no reason to get the 1800X), and post their prices on here (use Newegg or Amazon for prices), that will be the real decision maker.

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            Right now, the 1700x is the ryzen cpu to get since it dropped in price to the 1700 level, and the 1700x should OC pretty close to the 1800x. With Ryzen, you really want 3200 memory due to how the processor cores communicate based on the memory speed. Faster memory helps with the 8700k as well.


            The 8700k is $70 more and essentially out of stock everywhere. The motherboard prices are about the same ($150- $250) for each, depending on the motherboard. As far as gaming goes, the 8700k will be better. Even before the 8700k release, people were saying the 7700k was better for gaming. The 8700k is a 6c/12t cpu, so it will not have any issues streaming. The Ryzen 7's are 8c/16t cpu, and some people recommended them over the 7700k if streaming because the 7700k is 4c/8t cpu.


            The hypothesis was that if a game is optimized to use 4c/8t, then streaming may cause some stuttering due to being cpu bound. But since both the Ryzen 7 and 8700k have more than 4 cores, that argument does not hold true for either. Why 4c/8t? Because that was highest intel gaming cpu core/thread count before Ryzen released, and it was opinioned that most game devs would optimize at most for that configuration.


            The difference comes down to +$70 for 8700k CPU, and -$?? for 3200 memory for Ryzen. It's pretty close when I priced it out. But I would get 3200 at least for both systems.


            Additionally, you could get the 1600x (6c/12t), which would be an additional $80 saving over the 8700k. I really suggest you look at benchmarks, but when looking at them, only consider the ones using a 1080 or 1080 ti, and 3200 memory. Otherwise, it gimps performance of the ryzen, or benchmarks a cpu in a gpu bound situation. Also, when evaluating the cpu, put more weight on the 1080p benchmarks, because 1440p cause gpu bound situation, and equalizes everything essentially. I also suggest you look on youtube for "Ryzen and 1080ti" to compare ryzen performance with the 7700k. Keep in mind that the 8700k has two more cores than the 7700k.


            Another thing to consider, is that you should supposedly be able to upgrade your cpu to Zen+ (next spring?) or Zen 2 in the future with the same motherboard. With the 8700k, you probably will not need to consider upgrading for quite some time.