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Which Ryzen CPU Should I Use?

Question asked by krackkid on Oct 7, 2017
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Im going to make a second gaming rig. I was debating on getting the i7 8700k. But since I will be (casually) streaming, I am not sure if I should take the i7 or the ryzen. ( I know im on a ryzen forum lol.. )


Which Ryzen cpu should I take?


Here is my rig so far;


NZXT Noctis 450 ROG edition

Intel i7 8700k 6 cores @ 4.8 GHz/ ryzen?

NXZT kraken x62

MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon

MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11 GB

G-Skill Trident Z RGB Memory @ 3000 Mhz

16GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB

Corsair HX1000 V2 80+ platinum


500GB crucial SSD.


So lets say.. If I have a stream day off.. the Ryzen isnt the best cpu for gaming right? But for streaming, you can stream any games maxed out? with okay FPS? Its so confusing lol


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