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Random crash with Ryzen 7 1700x

Question asked by profetauy on Oct 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by danilazio1992

I made a huge update of my computer hardware 1 month ago, changing motherboard, memory and processor. I read about Ryzen a lot so I gave it a try, so far the worst thing that I did!

I use my computer to work (video editing) and the computer crash at least 1 per day. It's a nightmare being with the client and suddenly the blue screen of Windows 10. Not just I lost the last minutes of work, also is embarrassing, looks like I have a piece of crap, instead of a computer.


Before Ryzen I had Intel i5 and since I installed Windows 10, never I saw that blue message (of course the software crash, but that's not big deal). With Ryzer is Blue Screen and for nothing.
This happened since the first day that I built the computer, I dragged files to my project and boom, blue screen, 3 days later, rendering, boom, exporting, boom, encoding, boom, every time that I'm going to do an action that may required work from the processor, I get really scare!


I was thinking to get all of this back, but was too lazy, thinking that everything will be fixed by magic, but this is getting worst and worst everyday!


I thought was just a problem with the software (Premiere or Encore), but after 3 weeks, the blue screen shows up just watching a YouTube video or writing an e-mail in Gmail (I turned on the computer 35 minutes before this); so now I'm panicking, I can't work like this!



- Windows 10 Pro (fresh installation, twice)

- AND Ryzen 7 1700X

- 32 GB Ram (GSKILL D4 3000 TRIZ RGB)


- GTX 1080 Founders Edition



The code of error messages are not always the same, I was looking around online but nothing helps!

As far as I know, I have all the latest updates (drivers, Windows 10 and editing software).



Any idea what can be wrong? I don't have any clues, sometimes the computer is on for 2 days and believe me, when this is working everything works as a charm, love it. But, sometimes just from nothing, crash and I have to restart (if I'm working I lose everything).