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    Random crash with Ryzen 7 1700x


      I made a huge update of my computer hardware 1 month ago, changing motherboard, memory and processor. I read about Ryzen a lot so I gave it a try, so far the worst thing that I did!

      I use my computer to work (video editing) and the computer crash at least 1 per day. It's a nightmare being with the client and suddenly the blue screen of Windows 10. Not just I lost the last minutes of work, also is embarrassing, looks like I have a piece of crap, instead of a computer.


      Before Ryzen I had Intel i5 and since I installed Windows 10, never I saw that blue message (of course the software crash, but that's not big deal). With Ryzer is Blue Screen and for nothing.
      This happened since the first day that I built the computer, I dragged files to my project and boom, blue screen, 3 days later, rendering, boom, exporting, boom, encoding, boom, every time that I'm going to do an action that may required work from the processor, I get really scare!


      I was thinking to get all of this back, but was too lazy, thinking that everything will be fixed by magic, but this is getting worst and worst everyday!


      I thought was just a problem with the software (Premiere or Encore), but after 3 weeks, the blue screen shows up just watching a YouTube video or writing an e-mail in Gmail (I turned on the computer 35 minutes before this); so now I'm panicking, I can't work like this!



      - Windows 10 Pro (fresh installation, twice)

      - AND Ryzen 7 1700X

      - 32 GB Ram (GSKILL D4 3000 TRIZ RGB)


      - GTX 1080 Founders Edition



      The code of error messages are not always the same, I was looking around online but nothing helps!

      As far as I know, I have all the latest updates (drivers, Windows 10 and editing software).



      Any idea what can be wrong? I don't have any clues, sometimes the computer is on for 2 days and believe me, when this is working everything works as a charm, love it. But, sometimes just from nothing, crash and I have to restart (if I'm working I lose everything).




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          Is the exact RAM model listed on the QVL list? If not, that's most likely your problem, especially if the BSODs are "weird", as in error codes you've never heard of before, like CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED

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            What speed are you running your RAM? any overclock? did you install latest Asus drivers?, BIOS?, drivers from AMD? (17.30 came out this week)

            I had instability problems as well but it's squared away now, I'm using the high performance plan in windows power option (not the Ryzen plan) and most of the hard freeze I experienced were using Firefox I switched to Chrome and I have no issue since, my 1700X Prime X370 - Pro is as stable as my old trusty 2600K now.

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              I actually have a similar problem, but without the BSOD...


              I was getting software crashes and computer freeze everytime (yes, 100% of the time) that I would use a render engine, whether it was Premire Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Cinema4D or After Effects... (needless to say, this is pretty much the whole worklow of my business )


              Same as you profetauy, i was told about the greatness of this new AMD Ryzen 7, 8 cores, bla bla bla... and honestly, speed wise, it is indeed an amazing processor...


              After 3 weeks of testing at the store where I bought the parts, swapping every possible components... a BIOS motherboard update came in Sept 8, that saved the day... THAT DAY!!! I guess my AMD system saw its end coming LOL!!! 


              NOW, i'm experiencing a different issue... No more crashing on rendering Yeah!!! but instead, I get crashes because all the ports gets disconnected at once, then reconnect, causing my softwares to crash, or files to go offline...


              My specs..


              AMD Ryzen 7, 1700

              Motherboard Asus Prime B350M-A Bios 0902, sept 8, 2017

              16 gigs ram, Corsair @ 2133Mhz

              Asus gtx 1060 @ 6gig RAM video card...





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                Hey my friend, the thread is a little bit old, but I have very similar hardware components and I suffer from exactly the same phenomena, my RAM is in the list of supported modules, but even then it crashes like you described, its totally randomly and its independent from any work, sometimes I am just in the BIOS to try desperately to change settings and it crashes. It confirms its not a software problem.


                Can you please write if you have found a solution. I try to RMA the CPU now, because AMD announced that they had manufacture problems before week 25. My CPU is from week 20.

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                  i have the same problem my configuration

                  Ryzen 5 1600 3.2ghz 16mb cache

                  Gigabyte AB350N Gaming Wifi

                  Crucial 16GB DDR4 2400mhz CL17

                  Crucial 275GB SSD M.2

                  WD 1TB HDD 64mb Cache Sata 3

                  Zotac Nvidia GTX 1070 Mini 8GB GDDR5

                  Corsair CX700M ATX 700W

                  Thermaltake P3 Wall Case

                  AOC Agon AG241QX 24 2k 1ms 144hz

                  Logitech G533 Headset Wireless 7.1

                  Logitech G413 Tastiera Meccanica

                  Logitech G502 Mouse 12000dpi

                  Logitech G440 Mousepad rigido

                  Logitech C922 Webcam Full HD con microfono

                  Logitech Z313 Casse 2.1