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RX 480 (MSI-customized) Graphicscard damaged? First I have Battlefield 1 black triangles ingame (17.9.1) then I updated the driver to 17.9.3 and it doesn't install correctly so I can't use this PC at the moment.

Question asked by rondalis on Oct 8, 2017



my MSI RX480 is maybe damaged. Yesterday I played Battlefield 1 with the driver 17.9.1 and it worked the most time at the end of a match there where a field of black triangles and they stayed in the match until I ended the Game. My settings in BF1 (All Ultra, 2560x1440p) so I checked for a newer driver and I found the 17.9.3 and I made a quick-update. It doesn't work and destroyed my AMD-driver. So the secound try I downloaded the Driver manually on the AMD-Website and then I installed it until the screen is normally short black. I waited 20 minutes with the hope it continue to install the driver. ---> Nothing happened no more screen. So I restarted the PC and then there was shortly a screen with the Windows 10 logo after this only the mousecursor was shown, I couldn´t see that  I can type in my password. This is now my problem.


My system (maybe it´s relevant)

Graphicscard: MSI RX480

Processor: Intel Core I7 3770

RAM: 16GB Gskill 1600MHz DDR3

Mainboard: ASUS P8H77


My question, how can I fix this problem and has my RX480 maybe a damage? (The black triangles in Battlefield 1)

I hope you understand my text I have written it in English so that more people can understand it. Optionally I can write it on German if my text is incorrect or not to understand in parts.