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    AMD HD 7700 - Can't play Overwatch




      I'm here because since I updated my drivers, I can't play Overwatch. The screen locks up and freezes and tells me I've lost my rendering device. This crashes my whole game, and often happens in the middle of a match, incurring penalties on my account. I have been told 17.7.1 is the last driver compatible with Overwatch, and since that is the only game I really play, I'd like either a download or for this issue to be resolved before the event starts.





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          On the amd drivers & support page choose the OS from this group(desktop cards),


          Then on that page go to the Download previous drivers.... link in the right hand column, you'll find the 17.7.1 driver.

          Suggest you do a Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

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            I agree with goodplay that you should do a clean install and utilize the 17.7.1 driver or even older as the drivers in the 17.7.x branch are known to be buggy at the moment with Overwatch.  17.7.1 should be ok, but I've seen mixed reports, so give it a whirl and see if that changes things for you.  Cheers!



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                Hi spikeypup,


                I'm using a Radeon R9 270X on an AMD FX-8350 CPU.


                This problem's gone on for maybe 3 months now. I for the longest time had 17.7.1, but it got to the point where the driver was so outdated that it was causing my *other* games to crash, and I finally upgraded. I now suspect it's yet again ruining Overwatch. Do I essentially have to just regress indefinitely to the older driver, and therefore change drivers any time I want to play a different game(which usually happens 2-3 times daily? Is there any end in sight you know of, or at least a method by which one can keep tabs on where AMD is with fixing this massive issue--a way to be informed when this specific problem is finally resolved?


                It's just odd to me that after maybe a quarter year, an issue this big with a wildly popular game like Overwatch hasn't been resolved. That isn't to say it's necessarily easy or anything, but it's past the point where I can imagine what's taking months on end to fix, given the game's wide popularity.

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                    I understand how you feel, trust me, I'm right there with you.  Since June the drivers have not worked for me in all my important workflows for video and streaming, as well as many games, such as Overwatch.  I didn't give in at first either, to downgrading that is, I just kept hanging on with every release, but when my subscriber count started to hit the fan, I was like..."well, F this, I need to do what I gotta do", and I've been on 17.6.2 ever since, that was the last stable branch for me.


                    AMD is working tirelessly and as quickly as possible to remedy the issue, I'm sure, but the longevity of such an impacting bug/issue really tells me that there are more than one party/culprit involved.  Meaning that the scope of the problem extends beyond just AMD's own driver stack, it might be with it's interaction in let's say Windows and WDDM or DXGI or GDI, etc.  Because quite honestly I'm pretty darn sure that if this was 100% an AMD owned issue, they would have definitely had it fixed by now and they'd have been a lot more forthcoming about what was/has been going on.  That's just how they are, I view them as an honest bunch.


                    I have a feeling that as Fall Creators Update rolls out (Oct 17th) alongside with a new WHQL major release by AMD either coinciding with the FCU release or within a short period following it... that we may see this problem finally evaporate... that is my hope and my speculation at this point.  Until then, our options are pretty slim... like you had mentioned: you can downgrade/upgrade multiple times...I know I have; especially when I need a specific feature or function like Relive or something, but this is not a solution and is barely a work-around.  The other route is to bite the bullet, very stiffly as I did and just stick to an old revision that is stable and wait this out. 


                    I wish I had something inspiring or exciting to say about it, but it's an issue that is about as 'Meh' as it can get at the moment... but I have full faith and confidence in the team at AMD, they'll get this resolved.  I'm just hoping it's much sooner than later, just as you are I'm sure.  All of this aside, I hope you have started to have a great and enjoyable weekend!