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LG 27UD69 - Monitor Won't Detect DP Signal If Computer Is Turned On First

Question asked by gingerbreadman on Oct 6, 2017
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I have a new build Windows 10 machine where I'm having a problem with the display to my monitor.

I have an AMD Radeon RX580 card linked to my LG 27UD69 via Displayport. This works fine 90% of the time but I have a niggle that I'd like to iron out.


If I turn on my computer and not the monitor, then come in 5 minutes later, sit down and turn on the monitor, the monitor will be blank. Seemingly it's not getting a signal from the computer. It then states the lack of input to it and goes to sleep. No keyboard button pressing or mouse moving will bring it to life.

If I then push the computers off button and shut down this way, then turn it back on, it'll start fine and all will be well. If I turn the computer on and the monitor on in the same time frame, it'll all work together and it's happy days. The problem seems to stem from the delay between turning the monitor on. Like if it doesn't find the monitor during startup, it gives up outputting.

If I was using the computer. Turn the monitor off as I go and have lunch, then come back, sit down and turn the monitor on, it works fine. It's the initial handshake between them that seemingly is the problem.


Is something being told to stop outputting if not happy within in a time period? Does something go to sleep? Can I adjust a setting to manually say that I'm using the Displayport output, none of the others, so the graphics card knows what one to always output on?


I've tried LG tech online but they mentioned trying with a different computer, but that's not easily a goer. The problems overcomeable, but annoying.


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