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Lenovo Y40-80, Fix a GPU that doesn't show up in Device Manager

Question asked by usotsukiparadox on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by joshua26

So I have this old laptop, and the GPU stops working. Device Manager does not depict I have the GPU in it anymore, and I tried to install the drivers from the AMD site itself for the R9 m270x series, but the installer is the type that auto-detects existing files to install, so I'm assuming AMD tore the data of it off their servers, since it doesn't install any drivers, and the Catalyst Control Center doesn't pickup the GPU either. I uninstalled and tried to download it back in, but there isn't any files to be downloaded.

I'm still on Win 8.1 since during Win10, it installed over to the HDD instead of the SSD which I didn't like. Help please, @AMD legacy drivers where art thou.