Crushed Blacks - R9 270 GPU

Discussion created by vastcode on Oct 6, 2017
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Just as the title says, I'm experiencing crushed blacks effect. What I am using is a 32 inch TV on 1080p resolution, it is connected through HDMI cable. I've ran a lot of picture testing, settings configuration on both my TV and gpu to get best possible display. However I've noticed one quite big difference in picture quality between PC GPU (hardware) and TV GPU (hardware). I've used lagom LCD test images on both PC and TV through USB stick and there was a noticeable difference in black and white levels. While using PC to display these images, there is lack of black colors palette, in other words dark colors gets blended into fully black color. On the TV side (this means using only TV hardware without PC connected) when I viewed same images through USB stick connected to TV the dark colors were distinguishable and clearly visible.


Here's a bit of examples to give a better understanding:


The dark color on the left side is crushed with black on my display when using PC. On TV hardware it's displayed perfectly fine.


Another test image example:


I can see only bottom line of dark colors before they blend in with black background, while on TV side I can view full dark colors palette.


I've been running both YCbCr 4:4:4 and Full RGB 4:4:4 formats on 12 bit color depth, there is no noticeable difference between these two. However, once I've changed into Limited RGB mode, this crushed blacks issue was fixed, but then overall picture quality got much worse, the colors looks washed out and it's not a good option in this case.


tl;dr - Dark colors gets blended together with black. Using TV as a monitor for my PC. Picture quality is not same on TV and PC (better on TV hardware).