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    How do I send a processor approved for RMA?


      My Ryzen 5 1600 is affected by the segfault bug. I have initiated an RMA request and it was approved, but I am completely stumped as to how I proceed. 


      I was told to send the processor via DHL, and was given an "account number" to use. In the DHL site I have to fill out a customs declaration - how do I fill it? What do I put under "value"? What do I put under "weight"? 

      In the end of the process, I am asked to pay using either credit card or PayPal, and there is nowhere to input the account number supplied by the support email. Going back to my DHL profile page I can link my profile to an account number, but entering the account number given by AMD support yields an error message saying this is not a valid account number. 


      So how do I use the supplied DHL account number to send back my processor to AMD? And where can I find a clear description on how to fill out the customs declaration for the package?




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          You need to call DHL customer service in your country - most likely international shippings number (as it may be different from domestic services number).

          You can't do that online.

          You must say AMD is paying for transport.

          They will ask you dozen of questions related to shipping.

          After that you will receive your shipping info on email.

          Then you need to update missing information.

          After this is done you can proceed with getting DHL to pick your parcel.


          Value = cost of your CPU.

          Weight = parcel weight.