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RX Vega 64 17.9.3 Wattmon Profiles

Question asked by tommykrazy on Oct 5, 2017

Just wondering if I am the only person in the world having this issue.  No matter what profile I select in Wattman, playing PUBG, my GPU hotspot temps are at like 105-110c which seems insane to me.  GPU temperatures raise to 85-86C and keeps climbing, card ends up throttling heavily before crashing.  It is possible that its a PUBG issue, but I can't wrap my head around why this card would not be able to handle it out of the box.  Power save profile works for like 20 minutes and then the card eventually will start throttling.  Balance or Turbo just get the card hot in like 30 seconds.


My PUBG graphic settings are set at ULTRA, I could buy more time by having it on very low.  However the end results are the same.  Its like this game causes the card to go haywire.  Under-volting the card is actually having it perform better, and more reliable(except the fact the blower running loud).  Temperatures have been holding around 64-66C on full load in PUBG.  Again this seems to be a PUBG compatibility issue with the RX Vega's, running any source engine game, on the defined profiles run fine.  With the below settings, not only is PUBG on ULTRA is playable, I've been getting better FPS than my buddy who's running a GTX 1080 Classified.  I've seen my FPS peaking at 130 FPS, avg around 85 FPS.  Also, power usage seems be around 200 watts according to GPU-Z.


My global Wattman settings are as follow for anyone curious:


-Frequency (%): 0

-Voltage Control (mV): state 6 @1050 and state 7 @ 1100


-Frequency (MHz): 1100 MHz max

-Voltage Control (mV): 1050


-Speed (RPM): Min @ 400 and Target @ 4900


-Temperature (*C): Max @ 85 and Target @ 45

-Power Limit (%): 50