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    Slower Than Expected Internet After Installing 17.9.3 - Vega 64




      I'm totally new to the AMD world, so I may not know every trick about AMD softwares.


      I received this morning a SAPPHIRE VEGA 64 graphic card, to replace a GTX 770.

      I used DDU software to delete the Nvidia driver and softwares, and then change the cards, and install the 17.9.3 driver for this card (I downloaded it a few days ago) : no problem, the card runs without any problem in a few games, and I didn't notice any changes with my ping at the time.


      But, when surfing on internet, it's very slow, 500 kBits/s max (I should have 10-11 Mbits/s).

      I tried re-installing it, without success, and using each time DDU.

      I downloaded on another computer, at a normal speed 10-11 Mbits/s, the 17.9.2 version of the driver, and then installed it, same problem again.

      I deleted my firewall Avira, same problem. I am now under Windows Defender, I tried sevaral small things like WinFix, WinRepairAIO to reset the firewall, but no success.

      I searched online, and did not see a solution to the problem, only that several people over the years had the same problem.

      I tried the guides here : Troubleshooting Common AMD Graphics Driver Installation Problems     No success.



      The problem doesn't come from my router or my internet company, because another computer in the same time has no problem. When removing the AMD driver, while I'm downloading a file, the speed goes up to its normal speed when the driver is deleted.


      I also noticed that the radeon window crashed a few times with the 17.9.3 version, could it mean files are corrupted ? But I downloaded it several times now...


      I have a few days before I must send back the graphic card to the seller, I don't know what to do anymore. Does anybody have another solution/trick/magic ?


      As I am typing this, my Radeon Settings just crashed again with the "do not answer" message, after opening it.


      Thanks for reading this !


      My config :

      CPU : I5-4670K

      GPU : 770 or Vega 64, it depends...

      PSU : Dark Power PRO 10 750 Watts

      MB : ASUS Z97-A, up to date

      Windows 10 PRO 64 bits, up to date


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          I don't believe Graphic drivers have anything to do with Internet connections. You should look at your Network driver and see if there is an update or there is a problem with it (Yellow Exclamation mark in Device Manager).

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              I had absolutely no sign of error anywhere. But I can assure you it defenitely messed up with it : I launched a download of a huge file(1+ Gb) when the driver was installed : it struggled to reach ~750 kBits/s. But when I uninstalled the driver, while the download was still on, the speed went to 10 Mbits/s.


              Update on my situation : I completely erased (format of my main SSD), re-installed Win 10 pro, and the results are :

              - The driver doesn't crash anymore, I did not test any game still.

              - The speed of my internet connection is better, BUT is not fully operationnal. I'm now at a speed of 5 Mbits/s, which is half the normal speed (A laptop near me can download up to 11 Mbits/s at this moment, while my desktop can't).

              Just to test it (again) : I launched a download on my fresh install, uninstall AMD drivers, and the speed goes up... See my speed with GlasWire below :Uninstall AMD drivers.png


              So the problem remains, and I still don't know where it comes from. I thought that a full format would fix it, but now I'm desperate.


              This is not an uncommon problem, see there :

              - drivers blocking internet

              - After installing the new 17.2.1 driver I can't connect to the internet

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                  I was going thru the links you posted. Have you checked to see if your firewall is the problem?  Temporarily disable your Firewall (Windows or 3rd party) and see if you get internet connection. If you do, then something (possibly anti-virus program) is causing the Firewall to block all internet connections. If not, Check your Network Driver and see if it is  running with no problems. Run Windows Network troubleshooter and see what it comes up with.

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                      I totally disabled the antivirus and firewall, no succes either   :/

                      The network driver is working fine, no error anywhere. Windwos troubleshooter doesn't detect anything wrong.


                      BUT this afternoon I had time and I went with a hardware approach, not a software : here are my results and thoughts :

                      My motherboard is a ASUS Z97-A ATX with several PCI-E 3.0 16x, and I have a wifi card on a PCI-E 1.0 slot (I got two 1.0 slots). I just have these two cards on my PCI slots.

                      What I did (I must have desperate to do that, but lucky) : I changed the position of my cards, to make some space between the two cards : the Radeon on the bottom, and the Wifi card on the top.


                      And... it works. I don't know why and how, but I have the full speed now.


                      So, could the graphic card interfere with the network card ? with the wifi ? I don't know, I never met this kind of problem.

                      I'll be monitoring everything for some time, and if it still works I guess I should make this topic resolved.

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                          Hey, Good troubleshooting. I have read that WiFi does seem to interfere with AMD drivers for some reason. At least while being installed. If it occurs again, disable Wifi and see if it fixes it. If it does, you have your answer. I have Wifi card on my computer, luckily, it hasn't affected anything on my system.

                          I have also read that it is best to install the GPU on the PCIex16 slot closest to the CPU.

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                              Yes, I'm quite happy right now 

                              I'll have to test with a RJ45 cable (which I have not at the moment) to see if with the original configuration it still causes problem.


                              I still seem to encounter some crashes of the driver while on light games, I'll try to re-install the driver with the wifi off, maybe then I'll have no problem at all !


                              In the meantime I managed to undervolt the Vega 64 to 910 mV at the P7 state, no artefact, no OC yet, and overclock the HBM2 at 1105 Mhz (with the stock air cooler).  It's promising !


                              I'll keep uptated in the next few days if any problem shows up, if not I'll close this topic.

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                      So, didn't experience any problem, for several days.

                      I should close this topic.


                      Thanks for the help !