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    device removed rx480 directx battlefield 1


      device removed.png

      been getting this error the past few days happens after i join a server about 1-2 minutes or if i just idle on the games main menu for about 10 minutes

      after getting this error this happens to my radeon setting program only solved by restarting or end tasking the program also i lose the ability to right click in firefox

      amd problem.png


      i have reinstalled windows and cleaned out the inside of my pc still getting this


      amd settings 1.pngamd settings 2.pngamd settings 3.png

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          Hello there, I am glad I am not the only one experiencing this issue man. I know how frustrating this is since I have also been experiencing the exact same issue and it happened out of the blue for me. Just wanted to tell you that I have performed a ton of steps in order to find a workaround for this issue...A TON. After speaking with an EA agent from customer support, not even him was able to help me out after I told him everything I have tried so far. Only things I haven't done (that I see you did) so far is to re-install windows and/or cleaning the inside of my pc. I was just wondering if you have been able to solve the issue yet? I could only narrow down the problem as a faulty RX 480 driver and hope that they can fix it OR an issue with the current version of windows 10. The problem only happens with this game all others work just fine.

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              exact same thing here..

              troubleshooting done:

              1 -clean windows 10 64 bit..well basically every software comes with it are fresh installs too...failed

              2 - used windows diver updates failed

              3 - uninstalled using DDU then installed AMD drivers from 15.xx.xx to 17.11.2 failed

              4 - underclocked,adjusted power and etc from AMD crimson settings,after burner failed...tried every settings from settings too...failed

              5 - cleaned PC reseated all (gpu psu ram CPU) failed

              6 - changed PSU failed...

              7 - default bios or D.O.C.P. failed

              8 - installed anti virus and scanned failed

              9 - disabled windows defender failed

              10 - used just SSD and one HDD failed

              11 - googled..youtubed for fix and tried most of them...failed

              12 - updated mobo bios


              didnt have any problems with old PC which went dead mobo so went for new budget ryzen build and recycle good parts from it..only new parts are procie mobo and rams...

              dunno what to do now...

              change to nvidia option???(seems nvidia users having same problem/s too)



              ryzen 3 1300x

              asus prime b350 plus

              corsair 2x4gig vengeance LPX 2400mhz

              (old) msi r9 280 3g gaming

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              (old) standard SSD with HDDs