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    Can i download Driver version 17.7 WDDM 2.3? R9 290


      Hello, I had Radeon Software updates yesterday and I have versions 17.7 of the driver and supported WDDM 2.3 can I download this driver?


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          • Re: Can i download Driver version 17.7 WDDM 2.3

            Describe your system:

            • AMD Graphics Card
              • R9 290 MSI 4GB
            • Desktop or Laptop System
              • Desktop
            • Operating System
              • Windows 10 64bit Insider Preview ver. 1709. Build 16299.15
            • Driver version installed
              • Radeon Software Relive 17.9.3
            • Display Devices
              • Monitor 1 : K242HL Connection DVI-D 60Hz           Monitor 2 :9005L-ES-AH Connection HDMI 60Hz
            • Motherboard + Bios Revision
              • Motherboard :MSI Z97 GAMING 5                      Bios: American Megatrends Inc. V1.13, 16.02.2016
            • CPU/APU
              • Intel Core i5 4670k OC 4.30Ghz
            • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
              • Chieftec 750w modular


              • 16GB 4x4GB

            Describe your issue:

            • Yesterday I had a version of Radeon Relive 17.9.2 and after some time my monitor flashed. Because I noticed that in the device manager the driver was reinstalled to another without my permission. I saw in the AMD Radeon Settings that I do not have the Updates tab. Only Gaming, Video, ReLive, Display, Eyefinity, System, Preferences, Notifications.I had the Radeon Relive versions 17.7 and could not upgrade this version.
              I checked in Dxdiag that I had WDDM 2.3 I was happy but thought it was an old version and I upgraded to this 17.9.3 and now I am looking for this version with WDDM 2.3 because it was probably the latest version and there were improvements to it
              So ... Can i Download RADEON RELIVE 17.7 With WDDM 2.3 and can not find it