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Graphics card / driver or monitor issue? AG271QX Corruption

Question asked by eaglephoenix on Oct 4, 2017
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Dear all,


Hopefully this is the correct forum, if not - do feel free to move as required.


I have recently bought a new screen (AG271QX), but am still running on my R9 380 4G MSI GPU for the time being (awaiting AIB Vega 56). After installing this screen (my first >60Hz / >1080p), all works as intended, except sometimes during start up and now suddenly when watching FB-video. This issue does not always happen and is currently resolved by closing/minimizing said video and reopening again.



Issue at hand: thin red stripes accross the screen. See picture attached. Sorry for the awful quality, but I had to take it in a hurry before it went away again..
In any case: would this be GPU or monitor related? I did not have this on my (very old) 1080p screen, but could also be because the R9 380 is coincidently giving up and/or being strained too hard. I've also done the latest AMD driver 17.9.3.


I am using the screen through DP instead of HDMI, etc.


Pleased to hear any helpful info in the direction I have to look at. Problem being, if I wait till i have the Vega 56 AIB, my return time on the screen may be well passed (since no ETA on said cards).


Thanks in advance!


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