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Stable Drivers with Oculus CV1, RX480, and Asus 970 Pro Gaming

Question asked by joker2008 on Oct 3, 2017

Hello All,

     This has been driving me mad for months. I will give you my setup

ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Motherboard

AMD FX 8370 Vishera

2 XFX RX 480 8GB Best Buy Hard Swap Edition (Crossfire Enabled and set to full RGB)

XFX 850 Pro Power Supply

32GB Gskill RipJaws DDR3


I have not been able to find a set of stable drivers. The way I am connecting is:

1)Occulus to HDMI on primary graphics card

2) Main display using display port to hdmi adapter to Onyko receiver. Onkyo to TV. (Please don't ask me to try straight to TV. Been there done that)

3) I also have a set of Afterglow wireless using the onboard audio card as I cant use those with the graphics card


I do a clean install of AMD Drivers meaning I did uninstall, used amd uninstall and then ddu so please don't recommend this either as I have already done it. Install goes fine everything works. Over time somehow the amd audio disappears and the graphics driver goes back to the 17.30 drivers. The only way to get audio back to the Onkyo from the AMD card is by reinstalling drivers. I know I am not the only seeing this. Saw another post on this but it had no resolution


Other question I have do I necessarily have to plug the oculus and video out in to the same card. As far I know I did. I am unaware of any way to be able to use the output ports on the second card if I wanted to go straight hdmi and lose the display port adapter.