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Feedback On AMD Drivers and The Overwatch Bug/Crash

Question asked by bdmx on Oct 4, 2017



Since I wrote to support about couple of months ago and got no answer. I will write my thoughts about AMD here.


For almost half a year my overwatch game constantly crashing with rendering device lost error. If you google it, you will find hundreds of posts. Here is Blizzard official stand on the problem Crashes on AMD Drivers 17.7.2 through 17.9.3 - Overwatch Forums it was posted Aug 10, the problem accuired months before that. Overwatch has sold on PC way over 20m copies. That means there could be thousands of people who constantly gets this error. But AMD seems to not give a flying F about it. How can you not been able to fix major bug for almost half a year? People are getting even BSOD, is that normal? You say in your update summary that this is known issue. You know about it atleast from august! This is not known issue anymore, this is AMD cards feature. You should just add it to your cards advertisment, here is slogan for you "Are you tired of playing Overwatch? Well, worrie no more AMD is here to help you with constant crashes"


Why should I downgrade my drivers and loose perfomance in other games? Why your costumer service dont replay to email for 2 months?


PS This forum is a shame, it's easier to figure out how to post on 4chan than here.


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