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    Rx 470 Black Screen While Gaming




      I purchased a custom built PC less than a year ago, a few months after using it I started getting a black screen that wasn't very often while gaming but recently I've been getting the black screen more frequently than before.

      I used to be able to run games such as Battlefield 1 on Ultra High details with no issues at all, all games were running just fine; up until I started getting the black screens which are now happening around 5 minutes into gaming. In addition, the PC internal lights are still on, keyboard and mouse lights are on, PC fans are functional.


      PC Specs:

      • OS:                Windows 10 Home edition.
      • CPU:              Intel Core i5 6600K.
      • RAM:             16 GB.
      • GPU:              AMD Radeon Rx 470.
      • Motherboard: ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming.
      • GPU Driver:   Crimson ReLive 17.7.2.


      What I have tried so far:

      1. Running games in windowed mode does not change the outcome.
      2. I have just done a clean installation of Windows and re-installed everything.
      3. I have done tonnes of research on this matter, none of the results resolved my issue (including this forum).
      4. Before doing the clean installation, I have upgraded to driver edition 17.9.3, outcome did not change.
      5. I do not have another PC around to test the card in another machine.
      6. The black screen only occurs during gaming, no issues while watching movies (3D) or browsing.
      7. I have a Logitech monitor and GPU temperatures are within the 70 degrees c range (temperatures rise to the 90s but then decrease slowly) even as the black screen occurs (application stops updating when the black screen appears).
      8. I can only force shutdown my PC when this happens and reboot, no messages appear after rebooting.


      Edit: Needed to add a few more notes to clarify the issue.

      I did not change any of the settings in my BIOS or Wattman and when I checked the BIOS settings they were set to "Normal".

      I remember as problems were starting I was actually updating my Radeon driver for the first time after purchasing the graphics card when suddenly the screen turned black, it had stayed black for more than 30 minutes before I knew it was time to manually reboot my system, then installed the driver again by manually downloading it from AMDs website (although all was working just fine even when the update 'failed').

      I have no idea if support for XFX products is extended to where I live so maybe I can replace the card but it seems the only option now is to actually buy another one, which is not going to happen any time soon.


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          Had the same issue with an Nvidia card, it's either an issue with your power supply or graphics card.


          To figure out which it is, do this:

          -Go to Best Buy and pick whatever good power supply that have in stock. They have a 15 day money-back guarantee, so you can return the power supply whthin 15 days and get a full refund for any reason (I got 650 g3 and said it wasn't enough wattage when returning )

          -Replace power supply in current rig with one from Best Buy

          -Run benchmarks/games

          -If the issue continues, RMA the graphics card. If it doesn't, RMA the power supply (Though I would recommend waiting until a good power supply goes on sale since refurbished and used ones may not be the best idea)

          -Return the power supply back to Best Buy and get your money back


          For me, after I installed a new power supply, the issue still persisted so I RMA'd the card (had to pay a few dollars for shipping) and once I got the replacement the issues stopped.

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              Hey! thanks for your reply

              We don't have Best Buy here but I will be going to the shop that assembled my PC to try a different PSU, right now I have an XT 500W PSU running at 110V (this is the only voltage I can get where I live so 650W might be a little hard). However I will be changing the PSU as you said.


              I have tried a few things differently today to try and hopefully eliminate other reasons.

              Here's what I've done (I might be a bit of a noob in what I'm doing so bare with me):

              1. Unplugged power supply and released static electricity.
              2. Dusted the whole case to make sure dust is not an issue.
              3. Kept the side panel open with my room AC running at 20c (I normally run at 26c) and ran Test 1.
              4. Closed the panel, returned AC to normal and ran Test 2.



              1. Test 1:
                • Managed to get roughly 10 minutes of Battlefield 1.

                • Monitored the fans on my GPU and they were not spinning until temperatures reached 50c.

                • My screen finally went black and I'm attaching the screenshot from my monitor below (this is as my screen turned black).

              Test 1.png


                 2. Test 2:

                • Got about a minute worth of gaming before the screen went black, I'm also attaching a screenshot of my monitor as it happened (this is what I usually get).

              Test 2.png


              Right now I am not running any games and my monitor is showing 48c GPU temp, it doesn't seem to be dropping as it has been more than 30 minutes as of the last test, no games or tests since then.

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                  I got my PC back from the shop 3 days ago, when I took it there the technician burned my PSU by connecting a 220V power supply without converting the PSU and it was fried. We did not get to do the test and I had to leave it there so that they can change the PSU on their cost.


                  Turns out that was a good thing; they called me saying they changed the PSU (the replacement PSU was also 500W) and asked me to come down to do the test, tested it there with Battlefield 1 for half an hour and nothing happened, I then decided to take it home and test it there.


                  So far I've clocked 3 hour gaming sessions on Battlefield 1 and other demanding games and my PC is working fine! No black screens and no crashes!! Aside from a not responding error when exiting the game but that's something I can live with lol.


                  Turns out the issue was in the PSU, thought I might need a higher wattage but the unit itself was faulty, my GPU temperatures haven't reached 70c during game sessions which is weird as well but I'm happy that it is fixed.


                  I'm marking your reply as the answer, hope this helps someone else, thank you for your help!