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    What is up with the AMD Twitch channel?


      I am not here to cause any drama but I do have to ask what is going on with the AMD twitch channel? Why are there people on the stream team or those being hosted that do not reflect the integrity that AMD is all about? Why are there no research being put into these people BEFORE they are put on the AMD streaming channel? Why are certain streamers and chatter allowed to break or bend the rules put in place? Why aren't long time loyal, red bleeding Red Team members being utilized instead of these "influencers" that, in my option, are doing completely the opposite?  Personally when I see a new face on AMD Twitch channel I look said person streaming or being hosted up on their Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and am wondering why in the world would you put these people on AMD Twitch channel to speak and represent AMD with the rubbish they post or retweet or even allow to be talked about in their own private stream chat channels? Breaks my heart that I can no longer go to the AMD Twitch channel and enjoy all things AMD anymore and breaks my heart yet again to see absolutely beautiful people like virgo4u to be disrespected when racism and disrespect to mods is not to be tolerated. People allowed to stream or to be hosted on AMD Twitch channel should show same said respect not only on the AMD Twitch channel but on their own channel and it should show in their everyday tweet otherwise why call them "influencers" of AMD? I do not expect everyone to agree with me but I had to say my part. I am forever your's AMD but I fear we took a wrong turn somewhere in the last year and I want to find the way back to the original deep love of AMD Twitch stream channel that brought me in there everyday in the past. Forever your humble red teamer. <3

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          Not sure what has been happening but what I do see is the AMD stream team is making changes for a better future on twitch.  Seeing the viewer count on twitch during derrickgott007's live PC build was very nice,  a good solid number of viewers from start to finish.

          I believe with AMD being a CPU, GPU manufacturing corporation, tech related content is very important and it shows with the live build streams,  gaming will always be a very important addition to the twitch channel but to keep things AMD, I suggest keeping the tech streams alive and more consistent. This should prove beneficial for not only the AMD stream team but the viewers as well.

          Everyone watching can learn immediately "how to" tech with some of the most skilled, knowledgeable and experienced RED Team Members in the world.

          The viewers interested in gaming can then see how well the tech used in the live builds perform.


          So umm yeah, more tech = awesome.

          Thanks, Scotty (Gamer Tag Mobius)

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            Hi Phuri, thanks for the thoughtful post. Your concerns for AMD and our community is very much appreciated. We do not tolerate any form of racism or disrespectful behavior towards to anyone on our channel.


            With that said, we will continue to improve our vetting process and ensure the influencers you see on our channel adhere to the same guidelines and share the same dedication as the rest of the Red Team community.


            Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns.