No Post on my Ryzen 1700x

Discussion created by generalsound on Oct 2, 2017
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Hi Guys


I read the forums and older posts about this issues but hopefully you guys can give me more in site to maybe some more trouble shooting i am missing.

I got the mobo cpu and ram today.

My Specs:


B350 MSI Mortor

2X8gb RAM Kingston FURY 2133mhz

Corsair 650W PSU

1070 Nvidia GPU

1700X ram


I let it post and went through all the lights eventually it just end up on the cpu light and kept rebooting.


I flushed bios, removed cmos battery and tried 2nd and 4th Slot on my ram then eventually trying all slots still no luck.


I dont believe its the psu as I am currently running it with my i5 set up.


Any help with this will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance