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    No Post on my Ryzen 1700x


      Hi Guys


      I read the forums and older posts about this issues but hopefully you guys can give me more in site to maybe some more trouble shooting i am missing.

      I got the mobo cpu and ram today.

      My Specs:


      B350 MSI Mortor

      2X8gb RAM Kingston FURY 2133mhz

      Corsair 650W PSU

      1070 Nvidia GPU

      1700X ram


      I let it post and went through all the lights eventually it just end up on the cpu light and kept rebooting.


      I flushed bios, removed cmos battery and tried 2nd and 4th Slot on my ram then eventually trying all slots still no luck.


      I dont believe its the psu as I am currently running it with my i5 set up.


      Any help with this will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

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          Oh yes I have tried DVI and HDMI nothing as well.

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            failure check your hardware


            no GPU, only 1x Ram, CPU - see if it boots up
            now with GPU
            also check if Screen is on correct source (or leave it AUTO)

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              If the options benman mentioned do change anything, check the power cables to the GPU.  Also make sure you have the 8 pin power connector (right behind the IO shield (top left corner) plugged in. It may be obvious, but I've seen those missed quite a few times.


              If that's still not working, remove EVERYTHING else except RAM, GPU, CPU. Unplug all USB devices, storage drives etc and try it again.

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                Thanks for the Response guys. I really appreciate it

                Update : I manage to get the PC working after flushing the Cmos. I probably did something wrong the first try.

                Unfortunately I have another problem, when ever I try switching the PC off either by power switch or holding the power button the pc seems to switch itself on.

                I checked the cables and all my power switches and reset switches is in the correct places, other than that the pc boots and runs 100% fine.

                Im suspecting a faulty MB but I am not sure.

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                    So when you click on 'Shutdown' in Windows, your system reboots? It could be a few things and hopefully it's something as simple as these settings:

                    (look in Power Settings -> Additional Settings in Windows 10)



                    It could be:

                    - a short either on the motherboard (between the board and the case)

                    - a bad motherboard

                    - a bad power supply.

                    - a bad switch on the case itself


                    If the power settings options don't fix what your PC's doing, try testing a different power supply; if it's still doing that, see if you can temporarily bypass the power switch by creating a "short" on the power button pins on the motherboard - be careful with this as you do not want to keep it on there and inadvertently cause an actual short or permanent damage on your mother board! Or try a different switch if you're not comfortable doing this. You can use a simple switch from an old case if you have to.


                    You say your system boots fine and runs fine, so check with the power settings in Windows first. Also make sure you have the pin-out correctly on the power switch which actually spans 3 pins on the motherboard like this "oxo" (o = pin, x is open spot), while the reset on that motherboard is "oo".

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