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Ubuntu install seems to have broken chipset raid array

Question asked by kayson on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by hardcoregames™

I have a Gigabyte GA F2A88XM-D3H motherboard. Using the AMD chipset raid ROM, I had 3 drives set up as a RAID 5 and a fourth drive as the global hot spare. (I've had the array forever, yes I know chipset raid is not great, and raid 10 is better). I was running windows on the boot drive. I added another hard drive to install Ubuntu 16.0.4. I removed the old boot drive, installed the new one, and left the RAID drives untouched. After installing Ubuntu, I noticed that the RAID drives were now showing up as individual drives. I went into the option ROM, and saw that while the RAID array is still in the array list, there are also 3 additional legacy arrays which were not there before. The RAID array is also still linked to the drives properly:


I put the windows boot drive back in, and now I see that the RAID chipset is displaying 3 separate drives instead of the array.


Any ideas on how to fix this?