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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X vs. Intel Core i9-7980XE




      This review of the $999 AMD processor vs the $1999 Intel processor.


      Verdict, buy AMD and spend the extra $1000 on a pair of new video cards or 8 sticks of memory....

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          Anandtech's conclusion:

          Price: $1999 is a new record for consumer processors. Intel is charging this much because it can – this processor does take the absolute workstation performance crown. For high performance, that is usually enough – the sort of users that are interested in this level of performance are not overly interested in performance per dollar, especially if a software license is nearer $10k. However for everyone else, unless you can take advantage of TSX or AVX-512, the price is exorbitant, and all arrows point towards AMD instead. Half the price is hard to ignore.

          Users looking at the new processors for workstation use should consider the three Ps. It’s not an easy task, and will highly depend on the user specific workflow. The recommendations ultimately come down to three suggestions:

          • If a user needs the top best workstation processor without ECC, then get Skylake-X.
          • If a user needs ECC or 512GB of DRAM, Xeon-W looks a better bet.
          • If a user has a strict budget or wants another GPU for compute workloads, look at Threadripper.


          AVX-512 is indeed an advantage, but I wonder how hot the 7980XE gets using it?