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AMD RX480 & FX9590 Random Crashes: LiveKernelEvent 141

Question asked by connorfrazer on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by connorfrazer

Setup: GPU: RX480

           CPU FX9590

            Motherboard: ASUS Z77

           Ram: 16GB

           Memory: 120 GB SSD (Windows Installed on) and 1TB Hardrive

           Power Supply: 1200 W supply

           I should also add I have a few year old H100i hooked up to my CPU


It first started when I was playing games but over the last few days has begun while just browsing the internet or using other software's,  Can happen anytime from 15 to 3 hours after launching a game or just browsing. That kind of makes me unsure that it is heating related since it happens so inconsistently.  I looked in my system history and found it was due to Hardware error, specifically a LiveKernelEvent 141 error. Any ways to further troubleshoot this? My GPU is under a year old so I hoping it is not related to that. Could it possibly be motherboard issue?


Thanks for the help in advance!