Upgrading HP Touchsmart 520 with Radeon HD 6450A

Discussion created by vendo232 on Sep 30, 2017
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I own HP TouchSmart 520 - 1010 with MXM Graphics Card Radeon HD 6450A.


Today I tried to upgrade and replace this graphics card  with another HP card Radeon HD 7650A.


I got black screen and my PC did not boot up.


per spec for TouchSmart 520 this unit as one Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) socket (MXM 3.0 version: Type A) (usable with a card rated less than 35 watts) and uses shared memory up to 256 MB.


The Radeon HD 7650A per spec is rated at 33W. Both cards 6450A and 7650A are MXM 3.0 type A


Is there a better card which could work then 6450A?


Would BIOS update help?


Any other idea how to improve graphic performance on Touchsmart 520?