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Ryzen 1500x on MSI B350M Bazooka Motherboard temperature up and down all over the place.

Question asked by ronind on Sep 30, 2017

Hello all, I hope you can help me,


I have built a PC today using a Ryzen 5 1500x with MSI B350M Bazooka, 16 gb of Ballistix ddr4 memory, GTX 1060 and a 600 watt psu. Everything seems fine, however when i check the cpu temperatures in command centre and in the bios it is jumping all over the place, for example it will say 39 then 51 then 48 then 50 then 46 then 38 then 50 and so on in quick succession. I am worried that there is something wrong with the cpu. Has anyone else had any similar experience, is this likely to be software or hardware related? Any help is greatly appreciated, I have built this for my son and do not want anything to happen to it.