How can I duplicate a RAID-1 constellation (with RaidXpert) ?

Discussion created by jaap on Sep 30, 2017
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Hello All,

my Mainboard is an Asus M5 A78L LE with 6 SATA-ports.

2 ports are connected to 250 GB disks forming RAID 1 L1, this forms my logical System drive onto which Windows is installed.


2 ports are connected to 1 TB disks forming RAID 1 L2, this forms my logical Data drive on which data is parked.


2 ports are connected to BD-writers


What I want to do is: swap the 250 GB disks for larger and also a bit faster ones, namely  2pcs. 750 GB disks.
So I effectively need to duplicate the contents of L1 to a larger set and be able to boot from it.


What I did was:  take one 250 GB disk out, replace it with a 750 GB disk and have the Raid 1 L1 rebuilt with RaidXpert and that 2 times to "fill" both 750 GB disks.

But when I then replaced the 250 GB disks entirely by the 750 GB ones, I could not boot.

And when I tried to define a RAID 1 L3 with the 750 GB ones in the RAID manager (just after POST), I discarded all contents of the 750 GB disks.

I barely managed to get the "old" RAID 1 L1 disks to work again (afraid of having destroyed the RAID-set definition)


I guess I can disconnect the BD-writers, connect the 750 GB disks in order to use the RaidXpert to define a RAID1 L3, but how can I then duplicate the contents of  RAID 1 L1 to RAID1 L3 ?

Is there an option to rebuild to another logical drive  ?



Has anybody a suggestion on how to proceed in this case without losing the original RAID 1 L1 ?

Thanks in advance for your Ideas !