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White Static Noise Wake from Sleep

Question asked by mr_fuzz_n_stuff on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2017 by hardcoregames™

Just installed Sapphire RX570 Nitro+ plays games great but one issue which other people seem to experience on here to various degrees.

Getting white noise on display when waking from sleep mode but can see through it to desktop.

Restart computer resolves it but still, should not happen.



Graphics Card: Sapphire Nitro+ AMD RX 570 4GB

System Type: Desktop

OS: Windows 7 x64

Driver: Crimson ReLive 17.9.3

Monitor: ASUS VG248 1920x1080 @120Hz DVI

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68 GEN/3

CPU: Intel i5 2500k stock clocks

PSU: Corsair HX650

RAM: Corsair 2X4GB DR1600