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17.9.3 "Rendering device has been lost" under OW

Question asked by sblat on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2017 by jugatrix



Did a DDU install yesterday because of Tw:WH 2, up until now no problem in any games. Today I played OW, at the 2nd match of my day had this crash which froze my game, so I decided to restart my comp. (with an SSD its faster to restart and log into Bnet and get back into the game)
When the problem happened my screen froze, there was a slight tearing at the middle horizontally at OW only, able to alt + tab, start task manager, etc


-i5:4690K, 390X config, MSI gaming 5 mobo, win 10 home 64 bit, fsp Hyper 600 W, Hyperx 16 GB ddr3.