AMD 7970 driver problem after update

Discussion created by savagebn on Sep 30, 2017
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So this issue is giving me lots of problems and I'd like some outside perspective and help.


First the specs:

Intel i7 3770

AMD Radeon HD 7970 (gigabyte version if it matters, no overclock)

Windows 10 creators update inst

main monitor - LG Ultrawide 2560x1080

secondary monitor - Samsung 1920x1080


Now onto the problem:

Yesterday I did an update to my graphics card drivers, I can't fully remember what I was upgrading from however I believe it was around 6months old, 17.2 or similar. This update to my drivers has 'broken' my GPU, in full there are two big issues I've noticed, it has halved the fps when playing games (rainbow 6 siege as benchmark because I was used to 60fps avg while playing but now get 30-35 avg on same settings) and it has created what can only be described as 'tearing' on my 2nd monitor - horizontal lines which cut across the monitor randomly if left untouched or constantly if doing something (while typing this the 2nd monitor is going crazy, with the horizontal lines scrolling upwards and when reaching the top they restart at the bottom).


I have tried multiple solutions and have yet to find anything which has fixed it, quick list; checked hardware connections (hdmi & power to and from monitor), uninstalled new drivers and rolled back to old ones, clean installed new and old drivers (using DDU), turning off 2nd monitor and using main on still has dropped fps in games.


Extra things of note - when the drivers are uninstalled the issues go away (obviously not tried to game but the screen tearing is gone) and when the drivers are re-installed the issues are also not present until the system is restarted.


Thanks for reading, hope you can help me.


TLDR: graphics drivers update has created issues with 2nd monitor screen tearing during all usage (especially when gpu has to update) which doesn't go away when drivers rolled back.