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AMD Ryzen R7 1700 + GTX1080 Bottleneck?

Question asked by wavzonn on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by wavzonn

hi everyone,

i bought this system a month ago and im struggling to understand why im getting low fps in several games like bf1.

i checked my cpu/gpu temps(witch are fine btw ) and all my drivers are up to date. then i installed MSI afterburner, and i saw that the game uses a 100% of my second core.

i dont understand why this is happening because i shouldn't  have bottleneck with this cpu.( bf1 uses a 100% of the second core so my gpu works onky on about 50% power). i also checked the  settings, the win 10 is on high performance mode and the gpu is on high performance mode.


can some please help me to understand why?