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PUBG not working since update.

Question asked by pikeyboo on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2017 by pikeyboo

I am using an radeon rx480 sapphire nitro+ 8GB.


Since the update on Thursday morning I have been unable to play the game it starts but when it joins a server the sky is black and I cant move or access the ESC menu however if someone hits me I see the blood appear on my body, also when it come time to be in the plane I stay on the island but a parachute appears on my back it automatically kicks me from the plane at the end and my screen goes completely black and I can hear myself falling eventually I hear the parachute open.


If I leave it for long enough I receive an error message saying "outgoing reliable buffer overflow".


It seems also that if I push an item in the main menus nothing happens until I alt tab out and back in again, it has then opened the sub category of the menu.


I have attached a pic so you can see what I see when starting a game.


I have since done a fresh install of windows steam and the game to no avail and the drivers are all up to date.


Thanks for any help anyone can provided as PUBG themselves have claimed they have never come across this bug before.