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Laptop rx560 not working on all games

Question asked by sottiaux on Sep 30, 2017
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Hey, guys I recently bought an Inspiron 5000 gaming with a dedicated rx560 GPU. Clean installed win 10 to rid the pc of bloatware, and reinstalled all drivers. From what I've seen through my frame counter and GPU-Z, in some titles such as Alien Isolation, the rx560 won't even run. I'm seeing the r5 (integrated APU graphics) attempt to run Isolation instead. I'm assuming it has to be something with drivers. I have reinstalled OEM custom crimson drivers, Auto detect drivers and 560 drivers. Any ideas? I tested multiple games and only a handful of more modern titles such as Prey use the 560. Thanks!


Games that use 560 are Fallout 4, Prey, GTA 5, DOOM (2016), Dark Souls 3, Wolf: NEw Order and Old Blood, NO Man's Sky, and Skyrim Remastered.


Games that prefer the R5 integrated: All remastered Bioshock games, Alien Isolation, Nex Machina, MGS5, Payday 2, Rocket League, Space Engineers, Subnautica, and many others.


Other stuff that might be of use: A10-9630p, 8gb of 2400mhz ram, 1080p tn panel w/freesync according to drivers, OS is on 256gb crucial ssd.