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Heres A Multi-Monitor Question?

Question asked by kenyomurabu on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2017 by Hardwood

Is two Monitors bad on a PC?


Or is it worth it?


I currently have two Computers right now...



1 of them i'm looking at 3 Monitors, & the other PC i'm looking at 1 big Monitor...


However, currently I only have 2 Monitors...


So is it worth taking the Monitor from my other PC,


and using 2 on one PC?


Or should I just wait for 2 more, & just do 3 of them?


What do you guys think? How bad is 2 Monitors on 1 PC really?


Both my monitors are 1080P, plus I have R9 290X witch can boost my Resolution even higher..


Before anyone asks, I am aware of the whole Black Boarder thing, in between the Monitors...


I'm just curious, is it worth it? Or should I wait?



Lastly, my one Question is, what AMD ReLive Options do I have for using 2 Monitors?


I currently have 17.7.1 Update... What Options are availible for 2 Monitors on ReLive?