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    Heres A Multi-Monitor Question?


      Is two Monitors bad on a PC?


      Or is it worth it?


      I currently have two Computers right now...



      1 of them i'm looking at 3 Monitors, & the other PC i'm looking at 1 big Monitor...


      However, currently I only have 2 Monitors...


      So is it worth taking the Monitor from my other PC,


      and using 2 on one PC?


      Or should I just wait for 2 more, & just do 3 of them?


      What do you guys think? How bad is 2 Monitors on 1 PC really?


      Both my monitors are 1080P, plus I have R9 290X witch can boost my Resolution even higher..


      Before anyone asks, I am aware of the whole Black Boarder thing, in between the Monitors...


      I'm just curious, is it worth it? Or should I wait?



      Lastly, my one Question is, what AMD ReLive Options do I have for using 2 Monitors?


      I currently have 17.7.1 Update... What Options are availible for 2 Monitors on ReLive?

        • Re: Heres A Multi-Monitor Question?

          1) no

          2) yes

          3) depends on why you have the extended monitors

          4) do you plan on using eyefinity?

          5) I think your post is really hard to follow

          6) it doens't matter how many monitors you connect, there's no issues.

          7) You can't wreck anything so go ahead and experiment.

          regarding relive, I don't  use it so no good answer from me.