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Displayport not recovering from sleep on Windows 10

Question asked by lax on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by kingfish

I have a RX 480 with 3 monitors - 2 Display port and 1 HDMI on a Windows PC. I have a Mac connected to the same monitors (1 Display port, 1 HDMI). 1 Monitor (AOC) has 2 Display ports taht each the Mac and PC use. I *NEVER* have any issues coming back from sleep or being switched to/from from these monitors.



When the PC goes to sleep and comes back. or when I switch between the computers. My *MAIN* Display port is not reset and the monitor just goes blank. The secondaries monitors keep working. The only way I can reset the PC is by going to RADEON Settings and playing with the display setup .(Example: Switch GPU scaling on/off, Change Pixel Format).


When I had 1 DIsplay port and the rest were on HDMI, this never happened. The issue started with 2 Display Port Monitors (same hardware).


1. Is there a "RESET MONITORS" trick I can use ?

2. How do I report this bug to AMD. I can repeat it at will


Again, on same monitors, I can use the Mac (Also AMD hardware!) with impunity.