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    Workaround for installation error on multiMonitor@multiGPU configuration


      If you got the error 1603 during every installation.

      Tried everything described in help. Did dozens of reboots, changed every config.

      Even uninstall, run amdcleanuputility, try to install again, nothing worked.

      Still see the report: AMD Install Manager was not installed.


      Then you may use monitors on discrete AMD Radeon and intern Intel HD at the same time?

      try this:

      Disconnect the monitors from Intel HD and keep only the one on discrete AMD Card.

      Then try to install again -> error, reboot.

      Then try to install again -> install finished without errors.


      Error installation report say (freely translated from German):

      in Topic: Package for Installation

      Subtopic: AMD Install manager

      - final status: Not successf.

      - Version of Element:

      - Size: 20 Mbytes


      All other packages are installed with final status: successfull.


      Happens in 17.9.3, 17.9.2, 17.9.1. I think in 17.8 it was called AMD settings install failed...

      Every time, since I use my Intel HD for HDMI -> TV and second VGA monitor.

      This is more Energy efficient for my 24/7 PC, cause AMD GPU can idle RAM clock.


      AMD Radeon HD 7850 -> DP-VGA-Adapter -> SyncMaster 710v @75Hz

      Intel HD 4600 -> HDMI -> LT26M1C (TV mostly deactivated in Windows)

      Intel HD 4600 -> VGA -> amw Standard Monitor @75Hz





      PS: Hope this can help someone with this spezial problem

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          I dunno if this is your issue, but I had to Clean Install with DDU every single Driver from 17.7.2 July 26th Update all the way up to 17.9.1...


          All of those Drivers had to be Clean Installed with DDU in Safe Mode..


          I never bothered to install 17.9.2 or 17.9.3, I instead went back to 17.7.1...


          Don't forget to make sure Windows is Up to date, as well...as all your Drivers...


          This is usually the cause for problems like this...


          But in my case it was just that the Driver was bad...