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How To Setting Dual Graphic?? [Help]

Question asked by dethorveist on Sep 28, 2017

help setting my dual graphic setting. i cant show it at my catalys control center.. and i already done all step for that
  i have mobo g1 sniper a88x, prosesor a10-7890k and vga r7 250 2gd5 and ram 8GB, i use HDMI
  i already setting at the BIOS "Primary Video Device i set PCIE, Intregrated Graphic i set force and Buffer Size i set 2gb
  driver radeon version 17.7.2
  at device manager has been detected amd radeon r7 250 series and amd radeon (TM) r7 Graphic
  and on radeon setting system detected  amd radeon (TM) r7 Graphic (primary / integrated) and amd radeon r7 250 series (discrete)

  but dual graphic display still does not appear.


what i need to show that fiture?[help!]